Lola Salsbury Lipson
Lola Salsbury Lipson

About Lola

Lola Salsbury Lipson is a Los Angeles-based actress who began to act, sing, and dance at an early age. She has enjoyed singing in concerts and musicals, and dancing in productions of The Nutcracker ballet. Lola studies acting with Deborah Lemen and has performed in numerous acting showcases with the Deborah Lemen Acting Studio at the CAP and Avery Schreiber Theatres in Los Angeles. Lola has acted in a national commercial and has enjoyed working in film as well. She played the role of Chloe for Greg Laurie’s 168 Harvest Film Caught Inside which received nine nominations including Best Picture at the 168 Film Festival of 2014.

Lola is bright, caring, and artistic. She enjoys school and has always been passionate about learning. She loves to draw, read, and write stories and monologues as well as sing in the choir at church and school. Lola has been playing the piano since the age of seven and has been a featured soloist on a children’s album. She often performs with her sister Chloe and her mother Kathleen Salsbury Lipson.


Lola Salsbury Lipson's Theatrical Reel

Lola Salsbury Lipson

Playing the role of Chloe, Lola filmed Caught Inside produced by Greg Laurie's Harvest Films for the 168 Film Festival of 2014, which she attended with her mother Kathleen Salsbury Lipson.

In the tea party scene for Caught Inside Lola portrays a girl whose family is falling apart.